SYNERGY CUSTOM BUILDERS prepares a detailed set of specifications that allows us to accurately forecast the cost of your home, before you’ve spent significant money on architectural plans.


Our specifications are more detailed than most. We prepare a 21-page document that defines every aspect of your home, from the stone and lumber down to the door hinges. We walk room by room through the home and define the scope of the project, identify the materials that the client’s going to use in the project, and the allowances they will have to work with.

We have developed a proprietary software system that not only automates the specifications process; it makes the process interactive. We can analyze multiple scenarios, and show you the specific products and design elements we are talking about adding to your home, to help you understand product differences and allow you to make a more informed decision.

Then our automated costing system allows us to produce an incredibly accurate forecast of the exact cost of the home. This allows our clients to have the peace of mind of knowing that they can afford the home, before we spend a lot on money on the design and well before construction begins. Having a very clear idea of what the home is going to cost prior to seeking financing also helps ensure that the loan process is accomplished in a timely and stress-free manner.